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Open Levels (Semi-Competitive Levels)


Our GfA recreational competitive program (GFA Open Levels) strives to increase sport participation, develop and sustain children’s fundamental movement skills and all-round physical and cognitive development. Our main focus is on the '4F’s' of gymnastics with the ability to compete.

  • Fun

  • Fitness

  • Fundamentals

  • Friendship AND

  • Safety


The aim of this program is to develop gymnast’s confidence and athletic ability through their participation in a structured yet flexible and supportive program.

Classes are separated into level groups to ensure gymnasts are learning skills in line with their capabilities. All gymnasts must train 2 days a week to keep strength and flexibility for skills to safely progress and avoid injury. Our gymnasts are safely taught the progressions of skills.

The Open Levels program has been a great program for children and teens to pursue the height of their gymnastics capabilities while having fun with friends and staying fit.

WVGC Open Levels are big on team bonding and mentoring.

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