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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties at Woden Valley Gymnastics Club are super fun and active for your Birthday Child and their friends! For an hour and a half, kids of all abilities will have the time of their lives jumping on our trampolines, crawling through our super fun FOAM PIT, swinging on bars, and playing Birthday Party Games under the instruction and supervision of our fabulous Birthday Party Coaches.

We have four sessions available to book each Sunday our venue is not booked for other events. We offer three types of parties: Gymnastics Party, Acrobatics Party and Ninja-Run Party. Each Party supplies Birthday Party Invitations showcasing the theme of your chosen Party and offers a special activity reserved for the Birthday Child.

We provide a safe child-to-coach ratio which maintains a controlled and supervised environment with 2-3 instructors per Birthday Party, dependent on numbers. 

Each Party runs for a total of 2hrs; 1.5hrs of activities on the gym floor: 
Children will participate in Free Play, 2x Gymnastics Specific Activities, and Games. 30 minutes at the end of the party is designated for eating time. We provide a kitchen with a fridge, freezer, kettle, 2 convection microwaves, and an assortment of crockery and cutlery.

Our price structure is

  • $300 for a minimum of 10 children 

  • $20 per head for over 10 children up to 20 children

  • $10 per head for 20+ children up to 30 children

If we had a party of 25, the charges would be:

$300 for 10, plus $200 for 10, plus $50 for 5 = $550 for 25 children.

To secure your most preferred date and time please try to BOOK 2-3 months in advance.

How does a party work?

Upon arrival, party guests will be asked to remove their shoes and socks, before being invited onto the floor at the party start time. We ask that all participating guests are dressed comfortably, and safely to exercise. Please remember to tie long hair back and avoid long/loose clothing.  

You will be provided two large tables & table-cloths, access to our newly renovated kitchen, including a fridge, 2 x convection microwaves and access to any kitchen utensils needed. Food may be served as long as good food hygiene is being practiced. 

Please be aware you will not be able to begin the set up for your party immediately after arrival. Please also be aware that other parties may arrive during your eating time.  

**Please remember children under 5yrs of age must have an adult available to help them on the gym floor**

Once Guests enter the floor, the party will begin with Free Play!  

Free Play is a time that guests can explore the exciting new space, in their own time & own way. Children love to launch themselves into the foam pit, swing from the ropes, jump on the trampolines and test out our very bouncy floor!        


Next, Coaches will engage the children in a warm-up game. The games played during parties are inclusive, meaning no matter the circumstance, there is a way each child can join in and be included. 

Our enthusiastic coaches will provide guests with the opportunity to make the tasks more or less challenging, ensuring all persons can be included, are challenged and have loads of fun!

Last, before the children head to the Foyer to enjoy their party food, the ‘Birthday Champion’ (party child) will be presented with a Birthday Champion Medal and the choice of Hide and Seek or extra Free Play.

The remaining 30 minutes is designated for eating time. Food and beverages are to be consumed in the Foyer Area only. Supervision of children from this point onwards is the Grown-ups responsibility.  

After this time, all you need to do is ensure you and your guests have gathered up your belongings!

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