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Our Class Fee & Makeup Class Overview

  • All enrolments are a comittment for an upcoming Term, billed on a monthly basis.

  • Makeup classes are used in addition to your weekly scheduled classes ​(ie you do 2 classes in a week to makeup for a week that was missed previously).

  • All charges can be viewed in our iClass Pro app via the 'My Account' section.

  • All payments of fees are processed via our iClass Pro app via the 'My Account' section.

  • Our fees are charged on a month by month basis, adding up to a 10 week school term.

  • When reviewing charges please be aware of our rates for 2024: 

    • 50 mins a week is $26.90 a class; 

    • 1 hour a week is $29.90 a class; 

    • 1.5 hours a week is $35.50 a class

  • These rates are inclusive of an Gymnastics Australia Insurance fee and an Equipment Levy.

  • When reviewing monthly charges please consider how many classes will occur within the month by counting how many times a particular class day of the week falls within the month. 

  • If you have multiple children in the club you will pay full price for the first child, 10% for second child and 20% for each subsequent child. Please be aware the 20% discount is applied to the least expensive fees of the siblings.

  • We generate our monthly charges on the first of the month, we will send you a customer statement to your email for you to review on the first.

  • If you do not receive an email from us on the first please check your spam folders.

  • You can either log into your iClass Pro app and process fees owing; 

  • Or we take payment from the details on file if the amount remains outstanding on the fifth.

  • We strongly recommend paying via a bank account (88c flat fee) as a credit card attracts a processing fee of 33c + 1.98%* of total fees, which can add up very quickly. *an additional 1.15% applies to international credit cards.

  • Processing fees are from Payrix, the company that encrypts and protects everyone's payment information, not Woden Valley Gymnastics Club, or iClass Pro. Payrix charges $2.20 to store new payment information, or update payment information, and $4.40 per failed transaction. 

  • If you have any questions about your account, please send your questions via email (or use our website contact form) to keep conversations about accounts in writing for all parties to review as needed.

Our Makeup Class Policy

All Kindergym and Gymnastics for All (GfA) (this includes ACRO for Fun and FreeG Gymnasts) enrolled Gymnasts are allowed up to 2 Makeup Tokens per term. 

Makeup Tokens hold no monetary value and given as a courtesy to our customers. We are not able to exchange unused Makeup Tokens for credits, refunds, to future terms, or to the Holiday Program. 


If your child cannot attend a Makeup Class prior to the end of the current term, we cannot credit, refund, offer Makeup Tokens for future terms, or exchange Makeup Tokens for spaces in our Holiday Program. 

Makeup tokens are emailed to you after the class that was missed has ended. The system is set to generate a maximum of one token per calendar month. If you would like to request an additional token in a calendar month, or if you would like your token prior to the missed class, please email us.

Credits can be given for medical reasons when supported by appropriate documentation by a medical professional.

Our Terms of Service for Makeup Tokens are as follows:

A minimum of 2 hours’ notice is preferred to allow others to access the class space for their own makeups.

  • Customers are allocated a maximum of one Makeup Token every calendar month, which lasts for 30 days from date of issue. Please email us if you would like your second token issued to you in the same month.

  • Makeup classes are a self-serve only service, all bookings are made via your iClass Pro app.

  • Makeup classes booked must be the same level.

  • Makeup classes can be booked a maximum 7 days in advance.

  • To book in go to your iClass Pro app, click on 'account', your child's name, then on 'makeups'.

  • Customers must be active in the term to be eligible (for example, you cannot opt to not pay for an upcoming month and only use makeup classes instead).

  • Makeup tokens will be issued after the class that was due to be missed has ended.

  • Please email us (or use our website contact form) to request a Makeup Token if you have not received one after your missed class has ended, or would like to request one before the missed class has passed.

  • This service is provided as a courtesy towards our customers and Makeup Tokens are NOT exchangeable for for credits, refunds, future terms, or the Holiday Program. 

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