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Inaugural WVGC National Training Camp

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Our goal for the WVGC training camp was to run an event to bring the focus back to why all our gymnasts train at WVGC in the first place – LOVE and ENJOYMENT of gymnastics. We wanted the gymnasts to have fun and develop the WVGC team spirit across the WAG, MAG, ACRO and OPEN Programs. With all Competitions cancelled this year due to COVID, it has certainly felt like a different year for the gymnasts. Staying motivated and working towards individual goals suddenly became so much harder when they had no clear events to work towards.

We started the day with movement to music from inspired TeamGym Program by WAG Program Coordinator Kaity and Acrobatics Coach Craig. The music was in German and Kaity had learned this dance while she was overseas in Ollerup, Denmark at the International Academy of Youth Leadership earlier this year.

The warm-up was then followed by some timing and coordination sequences across the floor.

Gymnasts from WAG and ACRO tried a 'Kip' on the Parallel Bars for the first time!

While the MAG boys tried 'Hiccups' (low bar to high bar transition) on Uneven Bars (you've got to get those hips up - that's the pivot point!!):

Watch out for that low bar David!

ACRO Program Coordinator Rachel said of the day: “ACRO athletes had so much fun at the Training Camp. As well as doing new and interesting skills from other Gymsports, we love we got to make new friends. Listening to the feedback from the Acrobats, I understand that they will all be leaving ACRO to join MAG so they can do rings!! Other highlights included Beam games and learning new, interesting warm-up dances. We had SO much fun, made new friends and gave everything a go.”

Louise demonstrating she's still got it, jumping from Beam to Beam.

Despite the gymnasts being pushed outside their comfort zones every single one of them had huge smiles on their faces the entire time. It was fantastic to see the gymnasts trying new things, smiling, and laughing together and celebrating the spirit of what it means to be a WVGC gymnast.

The gymnasts were then invited to Choreograph a short group routine to finish the Gymnastics part of the day.

We finished the day off with a motivational video from ex-WVGC gymnast Laura Peel who is now a World Champion Ariel Skiier.

We plan to hold this event again every year. Please enjoy a slideshow of the day below:

If you attended the day and enjoyed it please 'like' the blog and comment below what your favourite activity of the day was. If your child attended and had a great time, please like and comment on what they described as their favourite part of the day.

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